Are You Plant-Curious or Plant-Committed?

A plant-based option can be just as tempting and satisfying as a meat- or dairy-filled option.
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“If you still think vegetarian food is a sacrifice, you’ve not had it lately at the right places,” says Barb Stuckey in a 2019 Forbes article. “Today’s meat- and dairy-free meals can be…full of flavor and craveability.”

Stuckey’s not alone in this changing attitude toward plant-based food. A third of the population is actively working to replace or diminish their meat and dairy intake. Over half of consumers would like to eat more plant-based foods. A full 70% say they want to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The search for plant-based options is not just about eating healthy. People want to know where their food is from, what’s in it, and whether it’s hurting or helping the environment. They’re looking for sustainable, socially responsible options. 

Plant-based options are the trend of the year, so be ready with crave-worthy menu options for your customers.

A plant-based option can be just as tempting and satisfying as a meat- or dairy-filled option. Don’t settle for the unappetizing plant-based replacement foods of the past, and be sure you describe their benefits, rather than what they’re missing, say experts.

Adding plant-based options doesn’t have to be complicated. Burgers are a simple plant-based offering, and you’ve got options for every tastebud. Plant-based proteins provide the flavor, texture, and satisfaction of popular meats, while many veggie alternatives provide options for those not interested in mimicking meat.

But don’t stop at just the entrees. Provide plant-based options for salads, soups, and even desserts. As the plant-based trend continues, providing variety throughout your entire menu will show your commitment to shifting consumer values. These days, a tempting menu includes choices for everyone, from the plant-curious to the plant-committed.

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