3 Ways to Plan Your Day at the Gordon Food Service Show

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Throughout the day, the Gordon Food Service Show offers attendees hundreds of educational sessions, new items, promotions and business solutions. With so much to see and do, where do you begin? In order to ensure that you spend your time where it counts on show day, we’ve developed a customizable show day planner on our food show website.

Plan Your Day, Your Way

We know that some of you are detailed pre-planners, while others may prefer to spontaneously discover what the show has to offer. In order to accommodate your specific style, we developed three different options for your show day planning. 

3 Ways to Plan Your Day

  1. A La Carte
    • Examine our show offerings on gfsfoodshow.com.
    • Handpick which items and opportunities meet your needs.
    • Add them to your designed schedule
  2. Made to Order
    • Answer five questions and receive a schedule.
    • We will add seminars, business solutions, and new items to your customized schedule based on your answers.
  3. Carry-Out
    • Select which operation best describes your business (e.g. education, healthcare, or commercial).
    • We will recommend a schedule based on your industry and add it to your personalized schedule.

Once you’re finished, you may print or email your schedule directly from the website. In order to save your schedule for later use, you must create a login and password. It’s easy to do and will allow you to log in with your personal information each season.

We look forward to seeing you at the Gordon Food Service Show. Interact with us on social media using #gfsfoodshow. Seminar videos, show maps, and parking and hotel information can also be found on gfsfoodshow.com.

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