3 Ways to Enhance Guest Comfort During COVID-19 (and After!)


Operators are always looking for ways to address common challenges. We’ve put together three unique ideas for enhancing guest experience and comfort during these times and beyond: 

1. Purse or bag stools and holders. A recent United Kingdom study found the bottom sides of bags and purses were more contaminated with bacteria than the average toilet. That’s because there are many places that don’t offer an area to set or hang a purse, and customers end up plunking it on the dirty floor. A simple, thoughtful way to show guests you care is to have portable purse trees or purse stools for guests. It’s a small and affordable gesture that will be greatly appreciated by your patrons.  

Purse Rack

2. Get creative with QR codes. Who says your new QR code menu needs to be boring? Get inspired, and you’re likely to delight guests and create remarkable experiences, too. 

  • Carve your QR code into an object (metal, wood, etc.) 
  • Create packets/envelopes with the QR codes and the pre-rolled silverware (don’t forget the after-dinner mint and hand sanitizer packet!) in one sanitary, individualized bundle. Guests can even place their masks in these convenient holders while they dine, or you can use them to graphically promote additional products and specials. 
  • Create the ability to order and cashout via QR code in one custom, contactless experience like Landry’s Seafood (see image above) has done. 

3. Make shareables safer. Rethink your shareables for guest comfort. Split small plates or appetizers into easy-to-grab portions that minimize contact. Bonus operational tip: This adds an upsell opportunity to offer extra portions—a plate of three can be expanded to more guest servings for a few dollars more. 

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