Gordon Food Service Store Logos

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Gordon Food Service U.S. Corporate Brand Standards [1.04 MB]

Below are the Gordon Food Service Store logos that may be downloaded for use. Choose the correct logo based on the easiest readability. 

Color Logo 
The color logo with the dark gray “Food Service” is preferred for best readability on light or white backgrounds. If the logo will be printed on a dark color or black background, then the light gray may be used for the registration mark, “Food Service,” and tagline. 

White Logo 
A white logo may be used on red or on other color backgrounds for maximum readability, or applications where only a single-color logo can be used. 

Black Logo 
A black logo may be used on white backgrounds in black-and-white printing or on other single-color uses where there are light backgrounds.

Where will the logo be used:

When the logo is printed (office copier or professional print methods), use the 4-color process (CMYK) logo. If a professional printer requires Pantone colors, that may be used as an alternative. 

When the logo is to appear digitally (onscreen, projected presentation, websites) use the RGB logo. 

When the logo is to be embroidered or screen printed, special attention will be required so the deep red matches Pantone 186C and is not a hue that’s too pink or orange.

Select the file format:

Use when high-resolution is not necessary i.e. onscreen, projected presentation, websites 

Use when a high-resolution is not necessary i.e. onscreen, projected presentation, websites, but the logo is being used on a background other than white.

Use when high-resolution is needed, primarily for professional printing.

If you need further information about applying the standards, please contact Gordon Food Service Customer Experience at CompanyBrand@gfs.com. It is the supplier’s responsibility to properly apply the brand standards. Noncompliance will result in refusal and return of incorrect goods with request of accurate branding at the supplier’s expense.

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