Gordon Ordering

A New and Improved Way to Order.

What is Gordon Ordering?

We created an ordering site from the ground up that is more than just a way to place an order. It’s an experience. We listened to your needs and wants, putting the information where you expect it to be across all devices—even the one you hold in your hand.

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          24/7 support available via Expo – Your Digital Assistant


With Expo, we want to make the digital support experience as efficient as possible for all users. Users have the opportunity to track your truck once it leaves the warehouse and receive estimated delivery times on your order. 

We are proud to announce that Expo now offers product support! Users can receive produce recommendations, receive answers to product-related questions and help suggest new products users may be interested in. 

Customers can even submit InnoServ requests, ask online ordering-specific questions, retrieve recent invoices on recent orders and speak with a live agent on our customer technology support team. If users are interested in learning more about our tools there is a new carousel feature that allows you to learn more about each tool and even book a demo! 

Through using Expo support, users will have the opportunity to leave feedback on your experience that will get directly routed to our internal team for review and necessary action. We are regularly updating our Expo support and adding new user features to make the ordering experience seamless. 

Need Support?

We know change can be tough and we are here to help your operation every step of the way. We have experts standing by to answer any questions you have and assist in any training you might need. Contact your Gordon Food Service Rep to get setup. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email cts@gfs.com

How to Place an Order with Gordon Ordering

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Key Icons For Gordon Ordering

We’ve updated a few of the icons you are used to seeing. Please use the key to the right for the updated icons and their meaning. 

Missed the Webinar? No Worries!

We are recording our webinar tutorials so you always have a helpful resource as you transition to using Gordon Ordering. As always, you can still contact your Gordon Food Service Rep or email digitalexperience@gfs.com anytime if you need additional support.

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We have a team of experts standing by to help you and your business with any need.

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