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Consistently great protein products? Hand-cut in house? Super personalized customer service? We do it all – but with a bigger distribution footprint, better prices, and the same high-quality, ultra-fresh protein solutions you’d get from your guy around the corner. As a highly-specialized restaurant and commercial kitchen protein supplier, Halperns’ is everything you could want from a local butcher… but better.

About Halperns’

As former Chefs and Restauranteurs ourselves, we wouldn’t ever sell you something we wouldn’t be proud to put on our own plates. We don’t settle for anything less than the best because we are truly the best in the business. We are completely dedicated to hitting the mark on every order we produce.

How We Partner with Gordon Food Service

Halperns’ joined the Gordon Food Service family of Specialty Companies in 2015, adding premium meat and seafood processing capabilities and a team of experienced representatives with deep industry knowledge specializing in proteins. Halperns’ has a reputation for being a devoted partner, delivering unparalleled consistency and has come to be known as the name in quality in food service in the U.S.

The Gordon Food Service Brands We Make Possible

You can find a variety of products by brand or product type in Gordon Ordering, or through your local Gordon Food Service Store. Look for these brands to know you are getting reliable, consistent meat and seafood that will perform well in the kitchen, and delight your guests.

Halperns Angus Beef* delivers an unmatched experience for beef aficionados with the superior marbling delivering juiciness, tenderness, and craveability.

  • Black Angus beef
  • Single-sourced beef from Greeley, CO
  • Upper ⅔ Choice, plus additional criteria to qualify
  • Steaks and burgers
  • Fresh and frozen

Halperns’ consistently provides the highest quality meat and seafood available, offering precision to exacting specifications and superior performance that Chefs and restaurateurs are confident in preparing for their guests.

  • Whole and portioned
  • Fresh and frozen
  • Beef, pork, poultry, veal and lamb
  • Burgers and custom grinds
  • Finfish and shellfish

Davis Creek Meats* provides consistently good quality value-added meat and seafood with a farm to table appeal.

  • Portioned steaks, strips, cubes
  • Raw, marinated, or breaded
  • Primarily frozen
  • Beef, pork, poultry
  • Burgers and grinds
  • Finfish


With the chef or connoisseur of gourmet products and leading-edge flavor innovation, Halperns’ has designed a program to bring locally and globally sourced specialty products to Gordon Food Service customers. Choose from a wide range of cured meats, international and domestic cheeses, spreads, pasta, sauces, oils, vinegars, tin fish, caviar and more.

Do you want fresh products delivered more frequently?

More frequent replenishment is made easy with the Just-In-Time program for ordering fresh steaks and seafood, along with using the Stores Van Delivery option to supplement your traditional truck delivery service.

two salmon fillets sitting on top of ice.

Need assistance matching the right center-of-the-plate solution with your needs?

Start with your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative. They know how to connect with an expert at Halperns’ when helpful.

Are you looking for highly unique or specialized products?

Ask about the Halperns’ specialty products program. From Italian cured meats and gourmet cheeses, to wild mushrooms, truffle oil and caviar. We have a wide range of options that discerning Chefs are using to ideate and create exquisite, leading-edge cuisine. Although some of these specialty items may seem exotic, they are not out-of-reach. Because Halperns’ is part of the Gordon Food Service family, we set up items in every warehouse accessed by the fleet of delivery vehicles.

a wooden platter filled with cheese and meats.

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