Make a Year-Round Seafood Splash

Flexitarian and flavor-forward—take a look beyond the standard fish basket.
Poke Bowl

Many consumers turn their attention to fish and seafood this time of year. Pledges to eat healthier at the start of a new year and the observance of Lent play a role. It’s an opportunity to refresh or reinforce your menu with inspirations that go beyond the traditional fish basket.

Here are some ideas perfect now and all year long.

Poke bowls/Raw bars. The poke bowl movement remains strong. The Hawaiian specialty is typically made with tuna (yellowfin or hibachi), but don’t be afraid to try Faroe Island salmon, scallops, cooked crab, or poached shrimp or octopus. Raw bars, featuring oysters, poke and crab and prawns also hold appeal.

Wild Alaska pollock. This mild, flaky white fish is a great alternative to red meat. Known as one of the world’s most flexible fish, pollock comes in many cuts and portions ideal for fish entrees, salads and global offerings. You can even trade out high-carb pastas for Protein Noodles made with Wild Alaska Pollock.

Barramundi. Also known as “Australian sea bass” or “giant sea perch,” this fish has a meaty texture and buttery flavor. Its steak-like firmness makes it very versatile. It can be ceviche-cured, pan-roasted, spiced and seared or even given a pecan crust for frying.

Crab. The flavor of crab covers a lot of menu territory, from salads and soups, to appetizers and entrees. A warm farro and crab salad makes a light, protein-packed meal, while creamy crab and artichoke soup answers the call for hearty indulgence. For an appetizer, place a ramekin of crab and pimiento cheese alongside toasted baguettes for sharing. As an entree, there’s always crab cakes, but why stop there? Crab can be an anytime star, from crab omelets/benedicts to crab fettuccine or crab rellenos.

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